Some photo's from a Skills Days at The Royals etc.
  Checking the video pictures from Rink 1, the coach describing possible delivery faults, foot faulting etc.


After the video, checking the faults and offering solutions
  Discussions around the correct way to read a head. Which shot has the most chance of success?

  Some of the fun things we use during a skills day training session
  You often see an umpire on their knees but here she is explaining about the terms 'jack hi' and at what point on a bowl or jack the measurements are taken.

  This shows the correct place for the coach to stand to observe a players delivery action.
  A Coach demonstrating the correct way to deliver a bowl using a 'bowling arm'.


A Skills day from 2004




Coach refresher day at Ashford 2017




Coach refresher day at Dartford 2017